How Dazzle and Bloom works
Unwanted asian clothes taking up too much closet space? Update your wardrobe by selling your clothes and give them a new home! Buying and selling pre loved outfits couldn’t get more easier with dazzle and bloom, join us today and dazzle and bloom your wardrobe.
Sellers Journey
1. Free listing
Upload your photos/Videos in minutes. Describe the item you are selling, give it a price and tap upload – Your item is now live
2. Sell & Ship
Congratulations! On selling your Item. Please arrange a convenient shipping method with the Buyer
3. Payday time!
With zero selling fees you get to keep everything you earn.
Buyers Journey
1. Search for it
Visit the amazing Dazzle&Bloom website, join 100’s of thousands of individuals and browse through our unique collection
2. Purchase it
Ask the seller any questions you have about the product being listed. Pay seller directly via an agreed method
3. Wear it
Now that you have your item, enjoy your purchase, and don’t forget to leave a review for the seller!